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Friday, May 13, 2011

Sherman Oaks Author Finds Inner Peace Through Poetry

 “For me, the very process of composing poems embodies letting go of control.”  Danny Miller

Danny Miller of Sherman Oaks, author of Losing Control, Finding Serenity has achieved an impressive share of success, but it wasn’t until he let go of control in his life that he was able to find true happiness and peace of mind.

As a highly trusted and successful real estate instructor and author of best-selling book How to Invest in Real Estate Syndicates (Dow Jones-Irwin), by his 30’s Miller was at the height of his career & had everything money could buy, but as an individual driven to control every aspect of his life, he was haunted by a proverbial unease, consumed by fear, anxiety and anger.

After a series of personal setbacks & a humbling battle with cancer, he realized his life had to change and turned 360 degrees toward a more profound success as a poet and painter. Releasing the tensions of control and choosing to move with the currents of life rather than fighting against them, Danny Miller found peace, greater understanding & true purpose.

Inspired by Khalil Gibran, reading Danny Miller’s poetry has the feeling of mantra, a poetic, zen-like reminder or ode. It’s the type of poetry you want to remember in the back of your mind as to allow it to expose itself when the hammer falls and the need bares its teeth.

              LIFE’S LANTERN
Obsessed with Control,
We can’t let go.
But shorten life's list,
The more we resist.
No longer diminish.
Let things be,
Begin to feel free.
To travel this Path,
Use its new Math.
Accept and allow—
Even meow.
Look to the Waves,
Follow their Sways.
Cresting in the Wind
Nature's magic Within.
Sometimes in tandem,
Always random.
Feel the Peace.
Life’s Rhythm of Truth,
Lost in Youth,
Follows no pattern, yet
Brightens Life's Lantern.

“Painting is like poetry in that they both evoke feelings and truths that are made more powerful because they are intuitively felt rather than articulated and in that sense they are both highly spiritual. They also both flourish when we are willing to let go of control of the creative process by moderating our expectations and not over-thinking the pieces. When we loosen the reins, freedom and open-ness of ideas and process seamlessly gel with knowledge and technique to produce original works of beauty and meaning.” Danny Miller

As a talented poet, painter and author of Losing Control Finding Serenity, Miller shares his journey of letting go, his first step toward true happiness. On this journey to serenity, he becomes a better person, family man and gains the inner peace he never thought possible, which he explains, is now his most valuable asset. Poetry has allowed Danny to discover his inner most truths, to express himself in a more positive way and find his true spiritual self.

In his new book, he explores the dangerous elements of control, fear & avoidance, guiding us through the lessons he has learned as he shares his secrets, his poetry and holds nothing back. Dedicated to helping others face their fears, no matter how intense, Losing Control Finding Serenity is poetic, philosophical and unselfish; a guidebook to true success, happiness and peace of mind.

We all have scars, some are more obvious than others, but Losing Control, Finding Serenity teaches us not to be defined by them. Available on Amazon, this book has achieved high acclaim and favorable reviews by mind, body, spirit publications and media and has been embraced by poetry lovers worldwide. An empowering collection of modern philosophy and poetry by a profoundly inspiring writer, highly recommended.

To find out more about this book, to view paintings or to read more of Danny Miller’s work please visit his website:

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