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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Featured Poet Katherine L. Gordon

Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House 
Introduces Featured Poet 
Katherine L. Gordon
"How dare life go sweetly and summerly along 
while we play breathless catch-up?"  
~Katherine L. Gordon

From the secluded Eramosa River Valley in Ontario, Katherine L. Gordon’s poetry is full of lush and tender words which, like Monet, paint images worthy of framing. 

Katherine’s poetry embraces uninhibited human emotions, both vulnerable and courageous. Much of Gordon's work is inspired by the wilds of nature’s infinite cycles which she has the privilege of witnessing daily in the world surrounding her. Katherine’s poetry contains a certain wisdom acquired only through a gentle and hopeful perspective on life and the human condition.

Katherine L. Gordon has been involved in all facets of writing as early as age 7 and has been published by Craigleigh Press as well as Cyclamens & Swords Press to name a few. While Katherine has a classic taste in literature including works from Vergil to Rumi and studied literature at the University of Toronto, she holds a humble admiration for many contemporary poets.

Between writing poetry and reviews Katherine takes time to enjoy the simple things in life, such as baking, antique car shows, walking her dog and spending quality time with family.

Please take a moment to enjoy the selected works of this fine contemporary poet.

Starvation Moon of February

And now there is a paucity of words
no comfort anywhere for fox or owl
shadows of hunger paint
the February  'scape
the biting cold steals breath from breast
every living lover forgets his will for words
cannot describe his pain or prayer
fears to lose the meagre memory
of rose-flesh hours of wine beneath the trees
heat-prickle under summer-green dresses.

Novitiate Psalms

Dry flowers chafe in a January vase
while I long for bouquets of early summer
wantonly riotous
from the Mennonite Market stall
where prim, unadorned girls
with soft assuaging hands
sort a beauty they must interiorize,
only their bare fingers know
the seductive sweetness.
Here in the white and grey nunnery of winter
a memory of awakening scandalizes
with the covert yearning for perfume and promise
softening the beds of earth
stretching long days of kindling light
seeming as a scene from an old cathedral painting
in an impressionist gallery
where barefoot suppliants tease toes
and drink the alcohol of flowers.

Katherine L. Gordon © 2011

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