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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting to the Heart of the Matter With Author Alicia Winski

Getting to the Heart of the Matter With Author Alicia Winski

I asked Alicia Winski a series of questions,

What does beauty mean to her? Where does your strength come from? What her objectives are as a poet? and the questions ar far less important than the answers.

After reviewing the interview I began to see a poem so, impromptu, I deciphered the following poem from her answers. The following words are all Alicia's...I will take credit for clever editing (BUT only because she will choke me if I don't.)

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Beauty moves me within
shifts my senses
makes me stop and think
Beauty is finding something
strong and special
in the weak and artificial

To show others what I see
through my eyes
to show them the beautiful
within the dark and ugly

show them who I am
search for a deeper meaning
trite as that sounds
to strip the surface emotions
and get down to the heart of the matter

I dont know.
I just know that I have to go on.
there's something more out there
that goes beyond the reach of hardship  
there is something
just within my grasp
and I have to keep reaching for it
or die spiritually and emotionally

I'm not willing to die yet

Alicia Winski © 2011

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