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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fire in the Marrow - Review by Apryl Skies


There is an artful, sacred and sublime purity to the language author William Crawford speaks. It is a tug upon the line of communication between what eyes see, the heart envisions and dreams depict... a sense of musical beauty which remains in each facet, conundrum, grain of wisdom shining through the void of uncertainty; life's unknown overtures. This book is a celebration of scars, unconfined by the shackles of metaphor, formality, physicality or imagination...the unlocked door between sublime and simplicity. It is a poetic jungle of emotion, a "frangible" garden of tearful song and joyful dance...each footfall inbetween.

    The last poem Epilogue Tasmanian Persecution is the perfect bittersweet ending to the an animal rights activist Crawford bleeds fire into the marrow of universal responsibility, a bold, poetic and inventive stand against human cruelty and the destruction of animal species worldwide and widely undiscovered.

    The wisdom Crawford offers in Fire in the Marrow inconspicuously and perspicaciously pleads readers to live for a grander purpose and intention. A divine and insightful collection of poetry that will, no doubt, transcend the eras. 


  1. This is excellent prose on behalf of an excellent poet. "...unconfined by the shackles of metaphor, formality, physicality, or imagination..." You'd think there isn't much outside of these terms and their dualist opposites. You'd be wrong. It takes a fecund mind to recognize the fecundity underlying the inchoate.

  2. Thank you for the kind response and I apreciate you stopping by to visit.