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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Untitled Until Now By Phillip Maguire

Phillip Maguire from Pennsylvania, author of Reversed, a collection of poetry and Thunder Under Water, a collection of short stories and poems is an Emergency Medicine Physician. He is a well-balanced father of four with two boys and two girls and a self-proclaimed Zen Baptist. Inspired by gardening, cooking, and reading Phillip's work is never a shallow pool of thought. Reading Phillip's work always gives the reader much to reflect upon and is like an onion being peeled back to expose its many layers, all poignant and flavorful. While many of his poems reveal his zen-like philosophy there are many that show a tender and passion sensibility. His titles are thoughtfully arranged and appeal to a wide range of readers. Please enjoy the following poem. 

Untitled Until Now

Each to each
and each alone
striving, striving
to find home
we stride upon
this rolling rock
weighted with the
sad gravity of thinking
while flowers don’t
wish or want or worry
in this wind-weary world

With stones
in her pockets
she subsided
with stones
in her pockets
she drowned

Living with
death inside me
on and on
I dance
my life

Phillip Maguire © 2011

Photo courtesy of Phillip Maguire  © 2011

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