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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Author Alicia Winski

Edgar Allan Poet’s Featured Guest Poet…

Alicia Winski

Tattoo You

Time to pack away
All your letters
I really knew better
Than to keep them
This long

And I guess
I’ll have to stop
To music so
I don’t have to
Hear “our song”

The pictures you sent?
They'll be put in a drawer
I really can’t
Look at them anymore

I’ll no longer retain those
Reminders of you
But what I’ll do
Is tattoo you
Inside my head
And late at night
When I’m in bed
Fast asleep
I can hold
And keep ...

you in my dreams….

A. Winski © 2010

Alicia Winski of Seattle has gained an envious, U.S. & international fan base. The internet being the paved road to publication for many writers worldwide. Alicia has proven she can write and inspire alongside the best of them. Fans know her as Ms. Wizard, quite fitting indeed, as she has the ability to turn words into magic and her fans just can't get enough. Her poem My Immortal has continued to draw online fans to seek more of her works since its publication by Liquid Imagination.

Her unique voice and playful rhymes are only two of the many trademarks that fans have grown to expect. Winski has a craft that is melodic, honest and often times quite sultry. Her words encompass strength, courage and a passionate perspective on life and love through the eyes of a poet.

Alicia, comes from a long history of writers, so it’s no wonder she has more to offer than simply poetry. Ms.Winski also has the ability to impress with short stories as well as by creating music. Having a creative outlet to express emotion has helped Alicia sustain and heal through life’s many uphill battles. Although she admits many of her musings have been written in times of personal struggle she goes on to say,

“I generally like to slide into a pair of sunglasses and just walk amongst humanity. People WILL talk if you ask them questions. So I'd have to say that humanity is probably my biggest inspiration.”

Although there is no release date as of yet, Alicia Winski is now in the process of concluding the manuscript for her first collection of poems and stories soon to be released. Surely Edgar Allan Poet will be the first to know…

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