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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Unexpected ~ By Apryl Skies

February 2012

The Unexpected

Under a firelight, shining distance
Angels observe with wings spread wide
Orion arches his bow
Above the hills of Los Angeles
And beneath this hazy sky
Where an unexpected stranger
Enters Neptune’s orbit,
Love spills over like wine
or April rain.

In the air, a scent of something
Unexpected, destined, new.
Somewhere an infant cries
In this crowded, crumbling house
Where its weary eves bend
Beneath this heavy dale of time
And with the independence of St. Lucia
A ghost wanders these narrow hallways
creaking the wooden floor boards
And tells a tale
Unfolding like a wailing accordion
In this settled unquiet.

An old woman rocks in her chair
With, gray locks twisted tightly
Like a cinnamon pastry
Her tiny frame swallowed up
By colorful quilts sewn
with two crooked, calloused hands.

In the backyard orange groves bend
Bearing fruit, as the grapevine
Trolls the terrace in search of sun
And beneath this February storm
Rabbits seek the dry warmth refuge
Of handmade hutches,
Crafted of wire and wood.

This day arrives with joy and fear,
Tears of uncertainty and celebration.
A bouquet of flowers
Stands tall in the dining room
And in its smiling, bold beauty

…renders the poet a name.

Apryl Skies © 2011

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! And the world rejoiced at such a souls arrival!