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Monday, September 20, 2010

Movie Review: IRONHORSE

Movie Review Of The Week

By Chris J. Miller

    Ironhorse is an instant classic. This film is an obscure tale of two artists and one mad scientist who is hell-bent on utilizing his evil potion to bring inanimate objects to life.
  This potpourri of mixed media is not for the faint of heart, the gruesome kill scenes are both entertaining as well as a stroke of brilliant innovation by Director Chris J. Miller. The musical score which features Bagpipe Requiem by the talented Eric Lutes is both maddening and clever. These musical compositions paired with the seemingly drunken perceptions and surrealistic imagery is nothing short of captivating. Lydia Blaisdell-Miller lends her angelic voice to the score as Cynthia with her naturally poetic performance. This film offers a wide array of characters all colorful, peculiar and often…murderous, each haunted by their own personal demons. It is more than an artsy indie flick, it is uniquely haunting and absurd, but not without depth.

Ironhorse is an imaginative and maniacal dance of psychedelic gore and macabre.


Review Written By Apryl Skies

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