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Monday, September 20, 2010

Featured Guest Poet Kevin Craig

A poem written Exclusively for Edgar Allan PoeT

Sleep And Other Things Lost
                                                     ~By Kevin Craig

In the absence of ardor and peaceable wits,
madness creeps and fondly sits
in the recesses of a withering mind

Oh lover, oh lover,
please do not have strayed far,
the latch remains open
and the door left ajar
Ajar, ajar it’s been left ajar!
Return to its creaking and popping
while sweeping,
again to the door left ajar...   

Last night I sat at bed-foot,
in dire need of rest-but
through eyes that plead for slumber,
which failed thy sheep by numbers
I could not find that foe of mine

Awake I dream, dreaming,
a life in peril seeming, loneliness impeding
This, my stagnant, life’s redeeming--
Now, if never should come to me a wink in time
This abandoned, weightless heart might sink
Into a pool of envy
for that elusive foe of mine.

Hours pass now ever slow,
since love hath wondered thru that door
ignoring a hearts wretched implore
and with it took a wholesome mind
and left the decomposing kind
Worsened by the disappearance,
an overwhelming known coherence        
That I too miss that foe of mine.
*   *   * 


Kevin Craig © 2010
Photo courtesy of Kevin Craig
*   *   *

Kevin Craig, the writer of “Warm Salt” and “I Should Learn To Write” is a poet of humble introspection. A man of few words, but full of song and verse. His extensive collection of poetry, which consists mostly of free verse is both intimate and profound. His perspective holds the reader with a simplistic charm which never disappoints.

“I know the rules, but to me, poetry is about being honest, showing something of yourself, be it beautiful or horrific, that is where the true art lies. Because art is subjective, I see no reason to always fit into a perfect square.”

      Kevin proclaims that although he has only begun to develop his voice he continues to write and inspire because it has become a part of his life in a way he never expected. The process of creating expression has created in him a desire to connect with the world through poetry.

      Kevin Craig’s voice is original, memorable and made of stone. If this is the mere cusp of Craig’s poetic sway, without a doubt, there is certainly more to look forward to…
You can also listen to Kevin's spoken word by clicking  HERE
For more information about this writer contact EdgarAllanPoet

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